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Re: Announcing Ubuntu 4.10 Preview

Juha Siltala <jsiltala@gmx.net> writes:
> > Ubuntu seemed very promising, but unfortunately I won't be trying
> > Ubuntu to find it out. This is because all my users and friends use
> > KDE, and it's simply impossible to switch them to Gnome. They're all
> > newbies from Windows world and KDE is the only option for them. Or,
> > they will abandon using Linux altogether. Gnome libraries
> This I don't understand at all. GNOME is the less confusing for a new user
> I'd think -- certainly KDE is not "the only option" for an erstwhile
> Windows user!  Still, if your users are used to KDE, it may be best not to
> force a switch.

I agree.  I can understand personal preference for, and familiarity with,
KDE, but it seems completely absurd to say that KDE is "more newby/
windows-user friendly".  Indeed, I'd wager the _opposite_ may be true --
the last time I used a new installation, it started up with all KDE apps
(terminal etc), and they seem quite bizarrely baroque (a toolbar with 10
zillion icons for a _terminal_?!?) compared to the equivalent Gnome apps.

To be honest the original post sounds more like it's a case of "I
personally like KDE better and I'm trying to force all my newbie friends
to use it lest they be aware of the evil opposition"...

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