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Re: Announcing Ubuntu 4.10 Preview

On 2004-09-18, Abdullah Ramazanoglu <ar018@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Surfing around in Ubuntu web site and in ubuntu-users archive I have
> learned that Ubuntu is mainly a Gnome-centric distro, with KDE being
> installable over the Net if it's added to sources.list.

Yes. This is good. It's impossible for a small distribution to give the
same amount of love to two desktops.

> users and friends away from Mandrake. Ubuntu seemed very promising, but
> unfortunately I won't be trying Ubuntu to find it out. This is because all
> my users and friends use KDE, and it's simply impossible to switch them to
> Gnome. They're all newbies from Windows world and KDE is the only option
> for them. Or, they will abandon using Linux altogether. Gnome libraries

This I don't understand at all. GNOME is the less confusing for a new user
I'd think -- certainly KDE is not "the only option" for an erstwhile
Windows user!  Still, if your users are used to KDE, it may be best not to
force a switch.

> I wish best luck to Ubuntu. And I hope one day it will carry KDE and
> related apps on the CD.

I'm afraid it's impossible on one CD.

Juha Siltala

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