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Re: Frank Carmickle and Marco Paganini must die

Am 2004-09-20 09:50:08, schrieb John Goerzen:
> On Monday 20 September 2004 08:38 am, Michelle Konzack wrote:

> > Yes, this is why SPAMers can not use it...
> No, if they were *properly* configured, spammers couldn't use it.

Not right, because there are enough ISP's where you can go to the 
Website and create an account. Then, You connect to the ISP via 
POT/ISDN and send SPAM via the regular smtp-relay of the ISP.

How do you want to stop this now ?

> > > to use their e-mail address from that ISP.  Unreliable.
> >
> > Not right. Most ISP's allow sending with other E-Mails
> But not all.  What about the people stuck on those ISPs that don't?

In China ? Korea ?
I do not know one which disallow it...

All of my friends can send with there own E-Mails
No problem for SPAMers too.

> What about people using laptops that work on all sorts of different 
> networks all the time?

If you are working with Laptop, look for a Mail-Provider which 
support pop3, imap (TLSv1) and asmtp like <http://www.freenet.de/>

> > Now, we know, that most SPAM does not come directly from the ADSL-
> > Account owner, because most of them are infected with Viruses which
> > do the SPAMjob.
> Perhaps so, but again, why punish the innocent?

If you get between 4000 and 8000 SPAMs a day, you do not mis 3 or 4
innocents... You can help them to get a solution. OK, the Website 
ofthe german ISP is only in German, but who need it ?  Once the 
Account is created, you have all you want and a 20 MByte Mailbox

> > Most (97%) coming directly to my address linux4michelle@freenet.de
> > and around 80% of the SPAM is coming from DUL/DSL
> What that doesn't measure is what percentage of legitimate mail comes 
> from computers on the DUL/DSL.  I know of several people in Debian that 
> could fall under that category.  Branden Robinson comes to mind 
> immediately.


Because I know some people from Debian, which use smtp direct, 
I have whitelited them. 


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