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Re: Incorrect use of "it's" in package control files -- file mass bug?

Paul Hampson dijo [Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 11:11:44PM +1000]:
> > Ooh, and we can now discuss whether Austrialia counts or not.
> > Howabout that mysterious continent "Oceania"?
> It's more of an anti-continent, methinks. Instead of a big
> land mass with lakes in it, it's a big water-mass with islands
> in it.
> I can't think how to work Australia into that, so we'll just
> pretend Australia is the inverse of a continental shelf or
> similar....

By far, most Australians live on the shore... So even if you inverted
the land and water areas in Oceania, they would still have a home,
don't worry :)

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