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Re: offtopic

Thus spake Mike Hommey:
> Cellphones around here (i.e. Japan) have now 2 Mpixels cameras and SD
> card slots. So, you just need an SD card reader on your PC...

Alas the phones that you don't have to take out a home equity loan to
purchase around here (i.e. US) don't yet (we're so behind).  I just got
a Motorola v220 over the weekend and realized after I got it home that
it had a USB connector.  The cdc-acm module has it show up as a USB
modem (minicom connects to it just great), and gnokii in its AT-mode
will pull basic information about the model, IMEI, and phonebook entries
from the SIM card.

Unfortunately what I want to be able to do is something similar to the
original poster - duplicate a piece of the functionality of the Windows
software Motorola provides (mobile Phone Tools) to allow me to move midi
files and pictures off / on it.  I only have to somehow figure out how
the Windows software is doing it (snoopypro hasn't been much help, since
the software refuses to work if it is snooping).  If anyone has
suggestions on that front, I'd be very glad to hear them :)

Nathan Poznick <poznick@conwaycorp.net>

"Could you explain again why I do all the work?" -Crow (as Baby Face).

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