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Re: Incorrect use of "it's" in package control files -- file mass bug?

Quoting Gunnar Wolf (gwolf@gwolf.org):

> Wrong - There are at least two. I live in 'Estados Unidos Mexicanos' -

Yep, apologies. In ISO-3166, this is the country "long name".

ISO-3166 normalizes two names for each country...the long name is
often a thing like "Blahblah Republic" or "Whatever Kingdom"....or lot
of different things...while the "short" name is the most commonly known
name. Some countries however have quite long "short" names..such as
"Lybian Arab Jimahiriya"...or the now well known (for Debianists)
"Taiwan, province of China".

For Mexico, the short name is "Mexico" and the long name is "United
Mexican States" (all ISO-3166 names are normalized in English and
French....strangely the standard does not have room for the name in
the official(s) language(s) of the country...probably because there
may be more than one)

There are no other "United States" in the world, indeed. There are
some "United SomethingElse" such as Tanzania....

And the "US" official name is of course "United States of America"
while the short name is "United States" which is obviously illogical.

But you're right I should have checked more carefully (I'm even more
culprit because I was aware of the official name for MX...:-)))

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