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Re: Noteedit, Finale, and testing

* Brian Nelson <pyro@debian.org> [2004-08-27 12:54]:
> Everything in stable is basically unsupported anyway since it's
> nearly impossible to get updates into stable.

Sure, but users expect it's also supported in the next stable release.
I don't think we should introduce new software when it's quite likely
that we won't support it in the next stable release.

My problem with putting this software in a release now is that it is
neither supported by upstream nor by Debian.  Users are however not
aware of this and might star using this software rather than other
software which does the same tasks and which is actually supported.
They will then be disappointed when the next stable release comes out
because they suddenly realize the software they have come used to is
no longer there.
Martin Michlmayr

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