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Re: Noteedit, Finale, and testing


Daniel Burrows wrote:
>  At the moment I'm leaning towards (2).  The reasons are:
>    - major functionality in the program (ie, playing the score I'm
>      editing) has never worked for me, maybe because I don't have a
>      sound card with a good MIDI synthesizer.

That shouldn't be a reason for removing the package from Debian.

>    - I don't use this package; I just typeset music in lilypond.


>    - I don't think Debian should be shipping abandonware in stable
>      releases.

Maybe we should give the community more time for adopting upstream
before removing the package entirely. Finally, it doesn't have open
RC-bugs. Until there is an urgent need, the pressure for potential
upstream adopters of a working program is low.

>  If someone wants to step up and take over Debian *and upstream*
> maintainence for noteedit, please let me know in the near future; if
> there are users who really need noteedit, please let me know.

Noteedit has a nice list of import (MusicXML, MIDI) and export
(MusicXML, MIDI, ABC, MusiXTeX, PMX, Lilypond) formats, while there is
no competition I know of.

I'm for keeping the package, especially in sarge. Finally, stable
releases are generally not changed (except for security, legal or other
important fixes) during their lifetime, so it doesn't matter much if the
package is maintained actively upstream.

Thanks for considering.


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