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Re: libtiff: 4 left (was: libtiff: only 7 packages left!)

On 2004-08-10 Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org> wrote:

> The following packages still show up as having Depends (not
> Build-Depends) on libtiff3g or libtiff3g-dev:

> advi 1.4.0-7

1.5.2+cvs-2004.07.27-2 is ok.

> dx 1:4.3.2-2

4.3.2-3 seems to be ok.

> gnobog 0.4.3-2

waiting for jadetex to be fiexed.

> grass 5.0.3-5

#262814 has already been reopened.

> ivtools 1.1.3-3

ivtools-dev depends on libtiff3g-dev. - I've submitted a bug.

> k3d has been uploaded and is supposed to fix this.

> libimager-perl 0.42-1

NMUd by Steve Langasek

> pinball 0.3.1-2

0.3.1-3 fixes this, it just has not yet been built on i386.

> pixieplus 0.5.4-2

original bug still open.
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