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libtiff: 4 left (was: libtiff: only 7 packages left!)

By my count, we're down to 4 packages now: gnobog, libimager-perl,
libtk-img, and gandalf.

>   > gnobog (bug 262820)
>   Jordi Mallach has been having problems getting this one to build,
>   due to some issue with jade.

I don't know what the issue is, but if it's that jadetex can't be
installed, there is probably a solution now.  Last night, I posted a
patch on the jadetex source package to RC bug 253098 which would
hopefully address the issue.  Since jadetex is a dependency of
docbook-utils, this may affect a lot of packages.  Maybe someone
should NMU this, though I just posted to the bug report last night.
If my solution to the problem is correct (which I think it is since I
tested it), we could also close RC bug 264043 against tetex which is a
clone of this bug since it isn't really a tetex problem.  See 253098
for details.

>   gandalf         (bug 262831)
>   libimager-perl  (bug 262846)
>   libtk-img       (bug 262837)

These are still outstanding.  In all cases, it appears that simply
changing libtiff3g to libtiff4 in debian/control is sufficient.  (I
did this and built successfully with pdebuild.)  Maybe these would be
good NMU candidates.  I've included the bug numbers for convenience so
prospective NMUers don't have to look up the number for their Closes

Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>

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