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Re: miscfiles NMU?

Hi all,

Honestly, I do agree that my NMU was not justified. I just didn't bother
to contact Thomas because I was just willing to upload a new package
that depends on fileutils | coreeutils instead of fileutils alones. And
meanwhile, by looking at the 2 years old bug reports, I decided to fix
them as well because I like cleanliness. Why I didn't contact Thomas was
also a mix between laziness and a real lack of time to follow this kind
of issues. If the bug reports were recent, I would probably have cared
The Build-Depend-Indep was an addition from my part so that I could split the
different additions to the uptstream source as separate patches.

Now, I still consider myself a benevolent developer. I am not paid for
this and I am still trying to help the project for the sole purpose of
the fun. Therefore, Thomas, nothing prevents you from acting on the diff
I sent you afterward. I don't think it would represent more work than
what was already needed. Actually, it probably just put you in front of the
need to fix that package.

And finally, your call to my home at 2:30 am (EST) *WAS* totally
unjustified. Even if you saw the packages in the queue one hour before.
I could have been asleep, my girlfriend could have been here too and
since you don't know me, I could have a baby lying besides me (which I
don't have). We don't know each other and I don't permit you nor anybody to
call me at that time for such reasons, no matter how important they are to

Now that I've told you how to respect me a little, we could as well
discuss this in private and/or with the relevant Debian authorities.
It's a private issue and I don't like to be hung in public.

"An eye for an eye only makes the world blind." (Ghandi)

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