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Re: arm buildd

* Andreas Metzler schrieb am 06.08.04, um 08:47 Uhr:
> A "simple upload" will uselessly trigger a rebuild on *all*
> architectures,  including e.g. the alpha buildd that has a backlog
> of about a week.

Just one week? This may apply to packages with Prority: optional, but
i maintain a package (vdr), which was uploaded 29 !!! days ago, and it 
is still not build on alpha, and because of this it does not enter

Btw: Can someone explain me in detail how the order of the
needs-build-queue on the buildds is determined?

(I ask this, because i maintain another package, which was uploaded 6
days ago, and it seems that this package will be built earlier than
vdr [1]. (Both packages are Priority & Section: extra - misc.))


[1] http://www.buildd.net/buildd/alpha_needs-build.txt

Thomas Schmidt

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