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Re: Re: Failure

Dear Sir/Madam, 

Thank you for contacting Internet Services from BT Technical Support team.

Please read this email, as you may need to 'Reply' to action your request.

You have received this auto response because you have requested help from the Broadband Technical team. We have an extensive online help area that may be able to resolve your technical query. Please go to the homepage and click on help.

We have also included common resolutions at the end of this response ? see the TIP section below.

Please note for the protection of all of our users, the helpdesk is not able to provide customers with username or password details via email.  To obtain these details please contact the telephone helpdesk on (Home User's:0845 6007030, Business Users:0845 6007020).

Please be aware that the helpdesk only provides support for the following software and operating systems for both PCs and MACs:

Microsoft IE version 4 to 5.5, Microsoft Outlook Express Version 4 to 5.5, Windows 95,  98, 98se, ME, 2000, XP, MAC OS 8.1 and above, along with supplied modems and routers.

If your enquiry concerns any other software, operating system (e.g. OSx), or any other hardware, regrettably the helpdesk will not be able to assist you.  Please refer back to the manufacturer or the vendor from whom you purchased the product and they should be able to assist you.


However, if you still require further information please complete the details below & 'REPLY' to this email for a personal response to your query.

Q1.  What is your full BT Internet Broadband log-on name? (e.g., your.name@hg#.btinternet.com)

Q2. Security Question (e.g., mother?s maiden name, etc) 

Q3.  Are you using a PC or an Apple Macintosh or other type of system?

Q4.  What operating system are you using? (eg.win95/98/NT/2000/Mac/other)?

Q5.  Full description of the problem.

Q6.  When did the problem occur (approximate date & time) and what functions were being carried out at the time?

Q7.  What type of modem/router do you use (e.g. Alcatel, Fujitsu, etc)

Q8.  What error messages or error numbers did you get, if any?

Q9.  Do you have other Internet Service Provider's software installed, if so which ones?

Q10.  Do any functions/programs on your computer operate normally?

Q11.  What type of account do you have (e.g. Home or Business) 

Many thanks,

The BT Internet Services Technical Team

Turning your  modem/router ?off? and ?on? is frequently the easiest way to correct connection issues.  

We suggest you ?powercycle?, as this is called, your modem/router as part of your troubleshooting process.  Simply follow the steps outlined below:

USB Modem: 

Power down your modem.

Disconnect your modem from the PC.

Shut down your PC (leave off for 15 seconds).

Power up your PC. 

Reconnect the modem.

Turn your modem on.

Attempt to connect.

Ethernet Router:

Power down your router.

Leave your router powered down for at least three (3) minutes.

Power up your router. 

Attempt to connect. 

This electronic message contains information from British Telecommunications plc, which may be privileged or confidential.  The information is intended for use only by the individual(s) or entity named above.  If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this electronic message in error, please notify me by telephone or email (to the number or email address above) immediately.

Registered office:  81 Newgate Street London EC1A 7AJ   Registered in England no:  1800000

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