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arm buildd (was Some questions)

Dan Korostelev [Thu, 05 Aug 2004 23:48:22 +0400]:

> [..] new version of package hasnt entered testing because it wasn't
> built on arm.  But build log on looks pretty clean and i should think
> that the package was built successfully. Can someone explain me what's
> the problem there then?

My package "audacity" was also autobuilt on ARM but not uploaded.  It
was built the same day as your package (2004-07-23).  According to this
page, the ARM buildd machines were physically relocated on that day:


Perhaps some builds were lost because of the move.  A few days ago I
sent messages asking about this to <debian-arm@lists.debian.org> and
<arm@buildd.debian.org>, but I haven't received a response yet.

If I don't hear anything in a while, I may ask someone on debian-arm to
do a binary NMU of my package.

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