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Re: libtiff status: only 21 to go

* Jay Berkenbilt (ejb@ql.org) [040804 21:10]:
> >   BTW, is rebuilding against libtiff-dev (provided by libtiff4-dev) enough,
> >   or is build-depending on libtiff4-dev really necessary and why?

> My opinion is that if your application uses libtiff directly and does
> not use any libraries that use libtiff, then there's no reason for you
> to not just use libtiff-dev.  At present, libtiff-dev is provided only
> by libtiff4-dev (in sid) because libtiff3g-dev no longer exists (in
> sid).

Well, I would set the build-dev explicitly to libtiff4-dev, because
that forces during an automatic build to use the current package - and
also forces to wait till libtiff4 is build on all architectures.
(However, as the second is now the case, it's probably not critical
now any more for libtiff.)

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