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Re: libtiff transition: packages still not done

On mar, 2004-08-03 at 14:32 -0400, Aaron M. Ucko wrote:

> As I understand it, we should be fairly safe in this respect, because
> the soname change reflects an ABI change that *already* happened
> between 3.5.7 and 3.6.1, so anything in sarge/sid that's linked
> against libtiff.so.3 is effectively getting libtiff.so.4 anyway.

Then things are alright for sid, indeed.

> Anything built against 3.5.7 (such as leftovers from woody) that pulls
> in a library that's been rebuilt against 4.0 is also going to be in
> trouble, but there's no way we can prevent that.

It is still possible to make libtiff4 conflict with libtiff3g once all
packages have been rebuilt. That's a bit ugly, but should force smooth
upgrades from woody.
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