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Re: PROPOSAL: Communication to solve the dispute. (was: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64)

On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 07:00:29PM +0200, Robert Millan wrote:
> ===========================================================================
> The Debian project hereby resolves:
>   - That the developers in charge for adding the architecture identified by
>     dpkg as "amd64", hereinafter "amd64", to the "unstable" archive, should
>     explain publicly (via debian-devel-announce@lists.debian.org) the problems
>     which delay this action.

This is a no-op by rule of the constitution.

>   - That the developers working on the "amd64" port should be invited to
>     friendly cooperate in solving all of these problems.

This is explicitly a no-op.

>   - That failure to accomplish the above rules implies any existant problems
>     shall be ignored and hence "amd64" added to the "unstable" archive without
>     further delay.

Another no-op by rule of the constitution.

>   - That success in accomplishing the above rules has no implication with
>     regard to inclussion of the "amd64" architecture in a stable release.

And another explicit no-op.

You cannot write a GR to order somebody to do something. That's
fundamental to the project structure, and written into the
constitution. Get used to the idea, and stop proposing GRs that don't
do anything.

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