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Re: amd64 and sarge

On Tue, 27 Jul 2004, Xavier Roche wrote:

> I fully agree. But the question is: when will we release r1 (and
> possibly r2 if we migrate to "stable amd64" in r1 and "stable multiarch
> amd64" in r2) ? Biarch was maybe simpler (or maybe not).
> > I have personally ran Linux servers for years at work and never needed any
> > commercial software to do it.
> Again, administrators are generally reluctant to migrate to a full
> 64-bit arch in one step. But in other hand I suppose it's okay to wait
> for r1 (or r2). The main question is will r2 show up in less than 2
> years ?

Admins are not the only people interested in 64-bit.

Why not release r1 (r2, rx) when amd64 is ready?  Whould it realy matter
if there were minimal changes in the other archs provided that amd64 was
released asap?


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