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Re: libtiff3g -> libtiff4 coming up (mass bug filing)

* Jay Berkenbilt (ejb@ql.org) [040725 20:10]:
> >   * Jay Berkenbilt (ejb@ql.org) [040725 18:40]:
> >   > This will create an annoying situation of several
> >   > packages becoming temporarily uninstallable and unable to be built
> >   > from source.  To help get this resolved, a severity serious,
> >   > justification FTBFS bug will be posted shortly against any package
> >   > that still has a dependency on libtiff3g or libtiff3g-dev.
> >
> >   Please give some time between the change of the package name and the
> >   filing of bugs, so that quick maintainers can handle this themselfs.

> How much time do you think would be appropriate?  I have sent out
> messages to sourcepackage@packages.debian.org today (though I haven't
> yet seen the one for the packages I subscribe to, so I wonder whether
> I did something wrong; I'm still looking into this).  Given this, do
> you think four days is sufficient waiting time, or should I wait
> through a weekend?  I'm presuming that the packages will be uploaded
> on Monday.

I start counting from the day where your changed package is in
unstable (because, nobody can upload a changed package before).
AFAICS, this is not the case. For the rest, I'd say about a week would
be nice, but less is also ok.

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