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libtiff3g -> libtiff4 coming up (mass bug filing)

A more detailed version of this message has been sent to the pts
address for each package that depends upon libtiff3g or
libtiff3g-dev.  This message is primarily to announce my intention of
doing a mass bug filing (to as many as 116 packages) and to follow up
on my earlier message on this topic.

An accidental ABI change was made in libtiff (upstream) between
version 3.5.7 (the version currently in sarge) and 3.6.1 (the version
currently in sid), resulting in several release-critical bugs against
libtiff 3.6.1.  This situation has been left unresolved for some time,
which has allowed several packages to be compiled against 3.6.1 in sid
and to transition into sarge which still has 3.5.7.  This means that
some packages that use libtiff work in sid but not in sarge.

After discussion on the debian-release list, it has been decided that
sarge will not have libtiff.so.3 and that the libtiff 3.6.1 will be
released as libtiff.so.4.  This is done with support of upstream.

As such, libtiff3g and libtiff3g-dev will be renamed to libtiff4 and
libtiff4-dev.  This will create an annoying situation of several
packages becoming temporarily uninstallable and unable to be built
from source.  To help get this resolved, a severity serious,
justification FTBFS bug will be posted shortly against any package
that still has a dependency on libtiff3g or libtiff3g-dev.  After some
period of time, packages that are still not fixed will be NMUed.  The
mass bug filings will be sent to maintonly@bugs.debian.org rather than
submit@bugs.debian.org as per guidelines for mass filing mentioned in
the BTS web pages.

For additional background information on this solution, please see


and its associated thread.  For more information on the problem
itself, please see


Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>

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