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Re: General Resolution: Force AMD64 into Sarge

Noah Meyerhans wrote:
> Well, one of the reasons that keeps being batted about is that the amd64
> port will not have received enough testing by the time sarge_r0 is
> released.  If we can get a sarge_r0 amd64 port prepared, we don't
> necessarily have to release it.  Early adopters will run it with the
> understanding that it is "beta quality".  RC bugs that are found during
> this period will be fixed and incorporated into sarge_r1, which will
> (barring a situation where there are too many RC bugs specific to it)
> include amd64.

I think the problem is that users of any architecture may not want their
stable packages upgraded for amd64-specific fixes which is what you get
if you don't (kind of) fork the amd64 port source-wise.
Of course, one could try to put the fixes in patches applied only when
building on amd64, but the problem of issueing updates to stable
packages for "no good reason" (yeah, I know, the reason is good if you
want amd64) largely remains.

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, <http://thomas.viehmann.net/>

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