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Re: apt-listchanges installed by default

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> The last time this was discussed in detail, I didn't think it was a good
> idea until I changed the default configuration, etc.  I made those changes,
> and then posted a followup here:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2004/04/msg05699.html
> The only blocking issue (to my mind) is that of elevating the priorities of
> apt-listchanges' dependencies. 

Right. I don't know if that's doable at this point or not. If not and if
we really wanted to there are some possible workarounds, like the hack
we used for popularity-contest.

> In that thread, there was also a question
> about translation.  In this thread:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2004/06/msg00004.html
> I agreed to implement whatever scheme could be agreed upon for translating
> NEWS.Debian, but as far as I have heard, that has not been established.

Translaton would be nice, but IMHO it's not a blocker for this, we're
not at the point of having all of debian translated, and news items
would not appear during the base-config part of the install, which is as
far as we've gotten with near-complete translations so far.

> On a vaguely related note, recently some folks have noted that the display
> of news is not easily distinguished from the display of changelogs, which is
> disconcerting to those who are accustomed to seeing the changelogs (it looks
> like an incomplete changelog display).  I'm open to suggestions for
> improving it which can be implemented in text mode; perhaps a header at the
> top or something...

I had the same experience. I thought it used to put news at the top with
a header and then changelogs, and I found this more obvious than the
current display of news in one pager, and changelogs in the second.

see shy jo

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