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Re: Annoying mozilla crashes.

The first step to debugging is giving more info. Which plugins do you
use? Any browser extensions? Why don't you just file this bug in the
BTS with more information? 

* Dan Korostelev (dan@ats.energo.ru) wrote:
> Hi, great debian ppl!
> About a month ago, after some apt-get update, I got mozilla (1.6, 1.7
> now and I guess that update didn't changed Mozilla itself) and all
> mozilla-based browsers (epiphany, galeon and even firefox) spitefully
> crashing on SOME sites. (Like http://incoming.debian.org/ and
> http://wiki.silverorange.com/GnomeOutliner/Documentation)
> This is somehow annoying, because I don't even know where it'll crash.
> Sometimes it crashes 100% (like on sites I mentioned above), sometimes -
> depending on the moon phase :)
> I sent a mail into debian-users earlier, I tried to build mozilla with
> debugging symbols (failed), etc, but I just getting mozilla segfaulting
> on some sites. I thought it's my local problem in my current Sid box,
> but I've just CLEANLY reinstalled Sarge from scratch and updated it to
> Sid. And guess what? It still segfaults! :)
> So this is definitely Debian problem. I guess it isn't caused my Mozilla
> itself, but crash occurs because some related libraries/fonts/etc,etc. I
> heard from one russian (also, like me) man that he has possibly the same
> problem, so it may be related with russian/cyrillic specific packages.
> We need to find that problem before Sarge release, but unfortunately I
> don't know much about debugging. Please, help me with this. What info is
> needed, any suggestions what to do?

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