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Re: Future of X packages in Debian

On 30/06/2004 Branden Robinson wrote:
> > Are you comfortable with an Uploaders: field for fd.o xlibs that
> > includes myself?
> I'm not sure *my* comfort level is the first-order term in this equation.
> Quoting:
>     [...]
>     Daniel, disillusioned and disappoitned ex-'X Strike Force' member[1]

is it required to be 'x strike force' member for uploading xlibs?

maybe most recent suggestions about the future of X in debian should
involve a discussion about the policy for X maintaince.
as a consequence, current 'x strike force' should undergo a radical
change, to disponse of any hierachy in this developing group.
all this assuming that it is required to be member for uploading parts
of X, regardless what upstrem tree. but if policy is that way, maybe
this question also needs to be discussed a second time.

in any way, there's no need to compromise daniel this way, as his
opinion also could have changed, and he plans to start again.

if i was in this situation, after your posting i'dd consider that
once again.


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