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Re: [RANT] French translation for debconf templates stucked at 90% : analysis

> I fully agree.  There are a lot of debconf strings which use 'we' or 'I' 
> (e.g. "I can configure this automatically ...").  During the translation 
> review stage, I try to correct it so as to speak a more neutral 
> language.  Could it be a policy item stated in Debian policy, or 
> somewhere else?


Now linked in the Developer's Corner.

Feel free to use this when dealing with improperly written debconf
templates (other very common case : "if you answer Yes, blah blah")

Next step : convert it to XML and have it included in the Develper's

I (and several other french team members) already make bug reports
about "computer personnali(z|s)ation" when I find some occurrence AND
when I have enough courage (most often this happens in cases several
other rewrites are needed for other very common mistakes).

We already have a kind of reference as the Policy already ask avoiding
this in init scripts, IIRC.

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