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Re: [RANT] French translation for debconf templates stucked at 90% : analysis

> The biggest problem in the German translations are the different
> politeness forms, and especially that you use a different form for
> talking to people on the Internet than you use in DebConf templates.

Such as using either "du" or "Sie", I guess.

I have noticed that both german and italian teams most often use "du"
and "tu" for "you" in user interaction texts. Most languages have this
notion of 2nd person singular form which modern English does not use anymore.

It's a matter of fact that all french l10n teams I'm aware of strictly
avoid to use the "tu" for "you", but always "vous". At least in
French, but I'm pretty sure it's similar for German or Italian , "tu"
is far too familiar for being "professionnal" : in all our languages,
when meeting someone for the first time, using a familiar form looks
strange (except...in electronic communication)

The Internet discussions have changed this, as this is common use to
use "du", or "tu" in mailing lists, IRC, newsgroups. But this is
relevant in the Internet communication world....and I would definitely
not recommend using this (we call it "tutoiement" in French, I have no
idea of the appropriate English term) in the screens we show to users.

Italian people seem to think different as I just finished a d-i test
in italiano and I saw lots of "tu"....

Your mail seems to show there are similar debates in the german l10n
teams...thankfully, we don't have these in the french team...even
though we all use "le tutoiement" in our mailing lists !

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