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Re: [RANT] French translation for debconf templates stucked at 90% : analysis

Simon Richter wrote:
The biggest problem in the German translations are the different
politeness forms, and especially that you use a different form for
talking to people on the Internet than you use in DebConf templates.
Thus, a lot of people try to avoid using pronouns altogether, which
leads to a lot of substantivation and concatenation of substantives
(note how the average word length increased over this paragraph; I also
think that looks very clumsy :-P ).

I'm not sure what we are supposed to do about this; personally I'd like
my computer to talk to me in an informal way; a lot of other people
think different. A possible idea would be to have different flavours of
the German translations.

This kind of consideration applies to every language, not only German.
The thing is that not all translations of all softwares use the same terminology nor politeness level/forms/whatever in a given language. In fact, even the english versions doesn't.


PS: What about an english localisation ?

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