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Re: Bug#248043: Debian AMD64 Port Ready

Jonas Meurer <jonas@freesources.org> writes:

> On 12/06/2004 mike wrote:
>> I am wondering - how long will it be before this can be installed using a
>> normal debian installer? anyone have an ETA or a URL that includes the
>> instructions on how to load this port (and not the "install 32-bit mode,
>> then upgrade to 64..." biarch type stuff)
> so are there any news about how long it will take until amd64 port is
> been added to official ftp archives?
> second, is there a howto about how to upgrade, maybe without the need of
> a chroot?
> bye
>  jonas

The pure64 port is a seperate arch. There is no way to upgrade to it
and no intention of providing one. That has to wait for multiarch
(which should come down to apt-get update; apt-get upgrade).

If you want to try it out use a chroot. If you want to fully use it
use the Debian-Installer images or make the chroot bootable.


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