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Re: Debian AMD64 Port Ready

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:

> Chris Cheney wrote:
>> We are proud to announce the Debian AMD64 port is ready for inclusion in
>                            ^^^
> I've heard that there were two ports, a pure and a mixed one.  So,
> which one is yours and how can it be "the" Debian AMD64 port?

There was an attempt atdoing a mixed port but the resistance by the
dpkg developers and the community in general was too big to get it
under way, esspecially with the sarge release looming over our
heads. A full mixed port means changing every single library package
and affects probably all packages. That's nothing one wants to do
before sarge.

So instead of going full 32/64 bit mixed mode amd64 in one big step
pure64 was started to get 64 bit support fully available with minimum
impact to sarge. Merging is multiarch support for mixed 32/64 bit is
now step 2 planed for after sarge at the earliest.

>> Sid. The port is currently at 97% compiled with most of the remaining
>> packages having FTBFS RC bugs filed for unrelated reasons. We have also
>> finished debian-installer for the AMD64 port and generate daily builds.
>> All that still remains to be done is for dpkg to include the amd64
>> patch, for archive space be given to the port, and for an official
>> buildd to be setup.
> I also thought that the pure AMD64 port is technically ok, but
> worthless from a usability point of view since it is not compatible
> with AMD64 ports of other distributions.  If that's the case indeed,
> and if you are talking about the pure amd64 port, I don't believe
> Debian should include it in sid.

Actually the oposite is true. The pure64 port resembles what other
archs have pobably as closely as we will ever be. The multiarch (stepo
2 after sarge) will introduce layout changes to the FHS and move every
library on the system around to a new location. After that you can
kiss every software with rpath set goodby.

The good news is that a lot of the commercial linux apps one wants the
multiarch for (like loki games:) are static so no worry there.

> Regards,
> 	Joey

I hope that made thinks clearer.


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