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Re: incorrect dependency on Woody postgresql package?


On 2004-06-15 14:54 -0400, Stephen Frost wrote:
> Now, an interesting consideration would be if it would be possible
> to split out the language into it's own package with it's own
> Depends and then just have it be Suggested or Recommened by the main
> PostgreSQL package.  

Sounds like an interesting task for you, now that you are a brand new
comaintainer :-) I would welcome a separate package
postgresql-plpython; not for woody any more, but for sarge it would
make sense IMHO.

> This is probably possible, the question would be if it's worth it.  In
> this example it sounds like it would be but I don't know if this is very
> common or not.  Personally, I've never used plpython 

Me neither and there already was a similar bug long ago.

> but I've got python installed for various other reasons anyway so
> it'd be unlikely to affect me.

It certainly would be nice on smaller systems.


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