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Re: incorrect dependency on Woody postgresql package?


On 2004-06-15 17:09 +0300, Edvard Majakari wrote:
> Package postgresql from woody (7.2.1-2woody5) lists python2.1 in the
> dependencies field. However, postgresql seems to run just fine with
> python2.2 installed and python2.1 removed. Is this a bug in dependency
> field or what? I'd save 20 MB storage (system contains total of 256 MB) if
> I could remove python2.1.
> I removed python2.1 with dpkg --purge --force-depends, and I just wonder
> if there is more elegant way :)

PostgreSQL contains the plpython language, i. e. it allows to write
stored procedures in python. As long as you don't use them, postgresql
will be running fine without python at all. It will just break in an
ugly way if plpython is used without an installed python (that's why
it is not just recommended).

I don't know whether plpython (which was compiled against python 2.1)
will work with python 2.2. If you are successful, I would be
interested in this; I won't change the woody version, but this could
lead to more relaxed dependencies in the current testing/unstable


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