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Re: incorrect dependency on Woody postgresql package?

* Martin Pitt (martin@piware.de) wrote:
> I don't know whether plpython (which was compiled against python 2.1)
> will work with python 2.2. If you are successful, I would be
> interested in this; I won't change the woody version, but this could
> lead to more relaxed dependencies in the current testing/unstable
> versions.

I seriously doubt the two would be fully ABI compatible.  I'm pretty
sure that's why there's a 2.1 and a 2.2 version of it explicitly in
Debian- things break otherwise.  Now, an interesting consideration would
be if it would be possible to split out the language into it's own
package with it's own Depends and then just have it be Suggested or
Recommened by the main PostgreSQL package.  

This is probably possible, the question would be if it's worth it.  In
this example it sounds like it would be but I don't know if this is very
common or not.  Personally, I've never used plpython but I've got python
installed for various other reasons anyway so it'd be unlikely to affect



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