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Re: fighting spam || avoiding spam

Mathieu Roy said:

>> Again, this does not noticeably stop spam.
> Spam filtering does noticeably stop spam but unfortunately still not
> enough - and it is not free, it suck mail server resources. What could
> be best than avoiding the  spammer to get the addresses, can you tell
> me?

I can only support you there.
I sometimes don't write bugreports just because I don't want to burn some
addresses because of spammers that fetch my mail addresses from the BTS.
(Yes, I know that reportbug can be configured to use another address in
sending the bugreport, but that's not the point.)

But I think obfuscating is not the way to go. Another method to prevent
the collection of addresses should be discussed therefore.

Ciao...          //
      Ingo     \X/

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