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Re: Bug#252632: ITP: wmtemp -- WindowMaker dock applet displaying lm_sensors temperature values

Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> wrote:

> #include <hallo.h>
> * Steve Greenland [Sat, Jun 05 2004, 11:46:12AM]:
>> On 05-Jun-04, 09:30 (CDT), Eduard Bloch <blade@debian.org> wrote: 
>> > Wrong, it is a waste. You do not only add ONE 14k .deb, you add a 17k
>> > source plus dsc plus orig plus diff plus 10*14kB (for each arch, and
>> > maybe more than that), and, last but not least, you make apt and dpkg
>> > slower for EVERYONE even if many people do not care about some cute toy
>> > for some weird WM.
>> Let's see, I have no use for an IRC client, and they all share the same
>> code base, therefore all but one of them should be eliminated? That's an
>> interesting theory.
> Let's see, you did not read it as is but tried to read between the line
> and invent your own theory? 

It is really fascinating how some people can be aggressive when
writing to mailing-list.

>From the outside, it does not look appealing.

> You compare the case above
> "does exactly the same thing but looks a bit different"
> with
> "clients with different functionality and different user base".

At the scale of a 14kB program, we are in the second case with wmtemp.

>> There are lots of near-duplicate packages in Debian, and lots of
>> packages with very limited audiences. We have a long established policy8
>> of allowing any package to be added, so long as it's maintained and
>> legal to distribute. That's part of what makes Debian kind of neat, I
> Following your argumentation, we should abolish the metrics system and
> every large city should have an own standard for meter, kilogram, maybe
> even a different time unit ("hour" is boring).

Does he write something about abolishing something else? No, he does

wmtemp is not a "new standard", is not even a standard, neither
wmgtemp is. 

> Come on, there are things where the diversity makes no sense any more.

Most humans on earth need once in their life to talk about a specific
distance  - it makes sense that most humans use a common mesuring

So now, guess how many humans are using wmgtemp and what kind of
trouble would it poses if others humans were using wmtemp.

> Huge package files are not that bad. The impact on dpkg and apt
> performance (as said, read what I wrote) is much worse. Did you try to
> use them with Sid on a 16meg-RAM system? It's fun (NOT).

If you think duplicates package needs to be removed, I guess it would
have to be discussed more generaly about Debian, not specifically on a
package upload.

Mathieu Roy

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