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Re: Lost Trust

Lucas Albers dijo [Mon, May 31, 2004 at 01:44:51AM -0600]:
> Eg scenario:
> I'm upgrading my remote server 500 miles away as part of a regular
> maintenance contract.
> I upgrade to sarge, then upgrade my kernel.
> Oops the network stops working, that qualifies as close to the worst item
> that could occur.

Wait... Are you telling you are running Testing on a mission-critical
server? You know, things like this are not supposed to happen very
often, but unless you are running Stable, you are bound to hit on our
problems and changes.

(Note, BTW, that I also adhere to the 'we must first sort this out'
point of view... But please, for the love of the most sacred, try
not to run anything too important with Testing.

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