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Re: ITP: vigra -- Generic Computer Vision Algorithms


[Sun, 30 May 2004] Oliver Elphick wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-05-29 at 19:55, Robert Jordens wrote:
> >   Package name    : vigra
> Perhaps you could find a different package name?
> Your mail almost got dumped in my spam file by reflex, because of its
> close similarity to a certain product which I won't spell out for fear
> of triggering spam traps.


But seriously though: You'd have to force me. Improve your spam filter
to use better balanced rules (give me points for using mutt). 

   * Vigra is an acronym (Vision with Generic Algorithms) that has
   deeper meaning than just playing with similar words.

   * Vigra is chosen py upstream, not by me.

   * Vigra is not Viagra.
   * There is no Debian package called vigra by now; no namespace
   * we have packages like "sex" in Debian.  (BTW: "sed" is at the same 
   distance to "sex" as "vigra" is to "viagra", if your metric is 
   added/missing/changed letters).

If this mail doesnt reach you, this discussion has ended ;-]


"I once witnessed a long-winded, month-long flamewar over the use of
mice vs. trackballs...It was very silly."
(By Matt Welsh)

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