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Re: Lost Trust

Gunnar Wolf said:
> Wait... Are you telling you are running Testing on a mission-critical
> server? You know, things like this are not supposed to happen very
> often, but unless you are running Stable, you are bound to hit on our
> problems and changes.
> (Note, BTW, that I also adhere to the 'we must first sort this out'
> point of view... But please, for the love of the most sacred, try
> not to run anything too important with Testing.
I run some testing packages on my production systems. Spamassassin and
clamav, as you need to run the testing versions of those.
Eg. old version clamav doesn't catch some virus's.

I want to sort this out before I upgrade my systems to a newer kernel.
I only run testing on secondary systems, to verify the items work before I
upgrade. OR if I need testing installed on a system to support hardware,
and I'm to lazy to patch the kernel.

--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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