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Re: Problems with Pre-Depends

Am Mo, den 24.05.2004 schrieb Wouter Verhelst um 1:18:

> To solve that, as long as you would only read from the Defaults tool
> (and not write to it), you should be able to handle this by first
> checking whether the Defaults tool already exists in your path (which is
> easy, considering that which(1) is part of debianutils, an Essential
> package). If it does not, I'd say it's fair to assume there is no
> configuration yet, and thus that you cannot pre-populate the debconf
> database.

Hm, configuration could be lying around from a previous installation.
And if it does, i should assume that the Administrator left it there for
a purpose ;-)

But anyway, the Configuration Databases are plain text, I can write own
parsing routines for it.


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