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Problems with Pre-Depends


I was playing with Pre-Depends as possible solution for one of my

OpenGroupware.org uses some kind of configuration database of
libFoundation, which can be manipulated with a tool nemd "Defaults". I
write entries with Defaults write $DOMAIN $KEY $VALUE and read them with
Defaults read $DOMAIN $KEY.

In a config script I want to populate a debconf dialog with values from
this database if there are already some present. However I would need
the Defaults tool then and thus Pre-Depend on it.

1) Is using a Pre-Depends in such a case acceptable?

2) Pre-Depends does not seem to work at all. I declared one like above,
but the config script is executed before the package containing the
Defaults tool is installed. Does it not work for Dependencies of config
scripts or is this a bug?


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