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Re: Problems with Pre-Depends

On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 12:59:21AM +0200, Sebastian Ley wrote:
> Hello,
> I was playing with Pre-Depends as possible solution for one of my
> Packages:
> OpenGroupware.org uses some kind of configuration database of
> libFoundation, which can be manipulated with a tool nemd "Defaults". I
> write entries with Defaults write $DOMAIN $KEY $VALUE and read them with
> Defaults read $DOMAIN $KEY.
> In a config script I want to populate a debconf dialog with values from
> this database if there are already some present. However I would need
> the Defaults tool then and thus Pre-Depend on it.
> 1) Is using a Pre-Depends in such a case acceptable?

I wouldn't think so.

To solve that, as long as you would only read from the Defaults tool
(and not write to it), you should be able to handle this by first
checking whether the Defaults tool already exists in your path (which is
easy, considering that which(1) is part of debianutils, an Essential
package). If it does not, I'd say it's fair to assume there is no
configuration yet, and thus that you cannot pre-populate the debconf

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