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the SPF effects on mail SENT TO @d.o

@ 20/05/2004 10:18 : wrote John Belmonte :

Again, I'd like to clarify my post that started this thread. It was regarding mail to @debian.org accounts that will get lost because of SPF records and mail filtering outside the control of Debian and the developer in quesion. I think this is an important issue to be aware of, and perhaps it needs to be resolved.

Topics of the effectivenes of SPF against spam, debian.org publishing SPF records, and Debian's mail servers rejecting email with SPF filters, are not related to the issue I've raised. Given the strong opinions people have about SPF one way or the other, and the potential for confusion, I'd ask that you kindly debate these things in another thread.


Poor guy, :-), John, your thread seemed to gone mad already. Why don't you start over, with a better subject? How can (legit) mail sent *to* @d.o get lost due to SPF/other mail filtering?

br, M

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