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Re: @debian.org email forwarding and SPF

On May 15, John Belmonte <john@neggie.net> wrote:

> The debian.org forwarding done by the LDAP distributed email system 
> doesn't seem to implement the sender rewriting scheme 
> (http://spf.pobox.com/srs).
And let's hope it will continue this way, SPF is a solution looking for
a problem.

> The implication is that if someone sends email from a domain publishing 
> SPF records to a debian.org address that has forwarding enabled, and if 
> the recipient's mail server is doing SPF filtering, the message will 
> bounce.

> I know SPF and SRS are religious topics, but regardless of one's views, 
> as SPF use increases we're going to see more messages to DD's bounce. 
Does SPF use increase?

ciao, |
Marco | [6305 l'Ezv1X.ye7w.]

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