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New virtual package for ifupdown replacements?

If one wants to replace the ifupdown package with a package that
provides the same functionality then dependencies present an
obstacle.  The alternative package could Provide ifupdown but this
would not satisfy those packages that have versioned dependencies
on ifupdown.  Those packages include:

    bridge-utils:  Depends:    ifupdown (>= 0.6.0)
    dhcpcd:        Depends:    ifupdown (>= 0.6.4-4)
    etherconf:     Depends:    ifupdown (>= 0.6.4)
    ifplugd:       Recommends: ifupdown (>= 0.6.4-4.2)
    resolvconf:    Recommends: ifupdown (>= 0.6.4-4.7)
    pcmcia-cs:     Suggests:   ifupdown (>= 0.6.4-4.2)

In order to remove this obstacle I would like to file wishes against
the packages listed above asking them to alternate that dependency with
a virtual package.  E.g.,

   bridge-utils:  Depends:  ifupdown (>= 0.6.0) | ifupdown-0.6.4

This virtual package would be Provided by any package that provides
the same essential functionality as the current ifupdown.  E.g.,

   ifupdown-ng:   Provides: ifupdown, ifupdown-0.6.4

This requires introducing new virtual package.  Comments?
What should the virtual package name be?
Thomas Hood

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