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Re: Ranty is no more with us :-( please adopt his pkgs.

Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> The following packages have to be orphaned/adopted:

As I stated at d-private@l.d.o, I intend to adopt lirc, I have not had
time to issue an ITA, since I am reading my email for the first time
since Monday morning. 

This is because Last weekend Ranty and I joked about my intention to NMU
lirc (I actually threatened him, as some kind of joke), which I'm aware
is not in good shape, and Céspedes, who was also there and is also a
friend of him, has offered to help me with the bug related to building
lirc with 2.6 kernels.

Regarding mailleds, which I think I sponsored for ErConde (Andrés
García) IIRC, I also intend to adopt it and take proper care of it, if
nobody opposes.

Of course, I am open to co-manteinance, help or whatever. I don't intend
to be a nuissance, I just want to honour my beloved friends. 

Data has also showed interest in taking over some of his packages, I
can't recall which one right now, as I am still a little "out of
service", (whas it apt-proxy?), and as friends of him, we'd like to
mantain his packages if it's fine with the rest of the DD.

He'll stay home tonight and we'll surely start hacking on them right
away. I am sure Ranty and Andrés would have liked this.

Thanks for caring, though. 

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