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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

Scripsit Carlos Perelló Marín <carlos@pemas.net>

> I think that closed lists like Santiago suggest is a good solution,
> the GNOME lists are configured that way and we don't have any
> problem with SPAM (only the list admins, but that's easily avoidable
> with a good team of listmasters).

On the other hand Gnome does have a problem with losing valuable
volunteer work. (And they may or may not know this themselves).

I used to work a bit on the Gimp. Not much, but I found a few bugs,
immersed myself in the source code for half a weak, produced patches,
submitted them. Core developers seemed to be happy with my patches,
applied them, thanked me.

I stopped doing that when the mailing-list software started bouncing
my mails to the developer list with a "You're not subscribed here. Go
away". (But I was subscribed, just not with the public address that I
put in From lines).

Henning Makholm                                      "Punctuation, is? fun!"

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