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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 12:55:21AM +0200, Bas Zoetekouw scribbled:
> Hi Marek!
> You wrote:
> > I know it was what he meant, yep. What I meant though, as far as the tmda
> > challenges are concerned, the possibility of envelope forging doesn't matter
> > - since you ('you' in the general sense) can be sure YOU are not sending
> > spam, thus you will NOT need to answer any TMDA challenges.
> So?  I don't reply to Viagra spam either.
Do you really see no difference there? I offer compromise, you refuse it -
it's one of the problems of the internet "community"...

> >So, if any TMDA
> > challenge comes to you generated by somebody's mailer because it _thought_
> > it was you who sent it, you can simply discard the challenge message
> > automatically, causing no harm - since it is certain it wasn't you who sent
> > the challenged message. 
> This is exactly the argument that spammers are using to justify their
> actions.
So you claim there is no difference between tmda and spammers?

> > Therefore the argument that the TMDA challenges may
> > be annoying can be dealt with using filtering. And the filters necessary to
> > discard TMDA challenges should be much simpler and much more reliable than
> > those which deal with spam.
> The only problem being that _I_, the receiver, am supposed to implement
> this, while _you_ are causing the problem.  So if you could come up with
> a fool-proof,  no-false-positives-guaranteed procmail recipe for
> filtering out these spams, I'd be happy to use it to blacklist you.
Well, in general you can cooperate only with people willing to cooperate. If
the only attitude on either side is hostility, nobody will get anywhere.
See, it would be sooo cool if people who are against spam and hate spam
helped each other - if at least by implementing rules to deal with the tmda
challenges or at least by coping with occasional tmda "spam". I, for one,
have no objections to receiving a tmda challenge once in a while, even if I
receive it because of a forged spam with my address. What counts here is
intent and purpose - if somebody's goal is to protect their box and their
intent is to guard their box(es) from spam, then I can "suffer" as much as
to cope with their tmda challenge. If you can't, feel free to blacklist my
address, I won't feel offended.



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