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Re: /media for sarge?

On Sun, May 02, 2004 at 10:19:28PM +0200, Santiago Vila wrote:

> Is it really required/ok that APT considers a file as sacred as /etc/fstab
> as a configuration files for APT?

It doesn't; it merely relies on the command line interface of mount(8).

> Would not be possible for APT to mount the cdrom somewhere in /var/lib/apt?

Perhaps one day, when all modern Debian systems have a consistent name for
the first CD-ROM device.  Until then, people configure this in fstab, and
mount does the right thing.

> 2. apt is changed to read the previous file in preference for /etc/fstab.
> apt.postinst creates such file from /etc/fstab if it does not exist.

Again, apt does not read /etc/fstab (and never has, as far as I know).

 - mdz

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