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Re: Definition of COUNTRY (Was: Resignation)

> Why?  You're never going to make China happy by calling it Taiwan, or
> Taiwan happy by calling it Taiwan, Province of China.  So use the same
> code zh_TW and let people call the display name whatever the hell they
> want to call it.

how about there just not be a display name for this region AT ALL?  just
put zh_TW in the menu for location/country, mark it a "wontfix" bug, and
leave a bunch of pointers to the current flamewar/debate, and leave at it
that. fixing the bug would require a major change in the china-vs-taiwan
political situation, over which no one can exert any real influence.

not a good solution, either, but avoids the issue a bit.  prevents
nationalists from either side from getting their feathers too ruffled.
if they still insist on yacking about how their side is right, killfile


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