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Re: Definition of COUNTRY (Was: Resignation)

Quoting Dale Amon (amon@vnl.com):

> The only authority on what is a nation are the people
> who live there. When in doubt, ask them.

Which ones, catholics or orangists (I don't remember the common
name)? No offense intended here, but I think you get the point. Same
for Basque Country, by the way, and zillions of other places around
the world.

In the Taiwan case, one solution proposed has been asking the
taiwanese developer (there's only one).

This is a possible solution, sure. But what if this one individual is
indeed biased himself, who can tell?
(I do not suggest our Taiwanese DD is.....I just raised a

We are in politics on this topic, even if we don't like it. We just
have to find the less worse solution.

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