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Re: COUNTRY: proposal of a solution

Quoting Jean-Michel POURE (jm@poure.com):
> Dear all,
> The problem here is to find a solution for the buggy display of the Chinese 
> locales (zh_TW, zh_HK and zh_CN) in GNU/Linux Debian.

The Chinese people, as far as I know, have found the current system
correct. Their concern is not in the way for representing their
language but on some wording.....and thus in another debate everyone
is now well aware of..:-)

They have not, until now, objected to the used scheme.

IIRC, considering the different ways of *speaking* Chinese is not
relevant when it comes to *written* Chinese. Differences arises there
between the "Simplified" way, used in China "mainland" and the
"Traditional" way, used in Taiwan. Singapore and Hong-Kong are in one
of both, also.

Using phonetic writing has not been considered, probably because our
Chinese contributors do not consider it's worth it.

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